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PCA Pre-Excused Absence Form

Extended absences can be costly in terms of work missed. It’s usually assumed that work can easily be made up, but time spent on class activities such as discussions, experiments, and demonstrations can’t be recaptured.  A parent/guardian can excuse absences in writing before an absence occurs for not more than 13 days in a school year. 

Excessive Absences:

Students may be excused for- Defined as students who accumulate 13 days

Excused Absence:

  • Personal Illness of excused/unexcused absences or equivalent

  • Funeral/Religious services in a school year.

  • Professional appointments

  • Serious personal or family crisis

  • Student is not in proper physical

or mental condition to attend school

  • Family vacations (pre-approved)

  • Court appearance or other legal procedure that requires attendance of the student


PCA Pre-Excused Absence Form

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