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Discovery and Learning

The academic program at Pineview Christian Academy places an emphasis on every aspect of student growth and development, while meeting state requirements.

Suitable class sizes and exceptional, qualified teachers allow us to offer a comfortable

and inclusive educational environment, while ensuring each student receives

the individualized attention and support they need.

KIndergarten- 5th Grade Curriculum Descriptions 


Science Bob Jones University Press 

 This program will equip students to apply science to life by building foundational knowledge and skills with pre-assessments, scaffolded instruction, spiral review, and hands-on activities. Explorations in scientific inquiry give students opportunities to observe, classify, measure data, analyze data, make inferences, and communicate their findings. When they interact with and use models, students are better able to explain and describe their observations as well as make predictions about scientific principles they’ve learned. Collaborative STEM activities give students opportunities to design, test, and refine engineered solutions to real-world problems.


Social Studies Bob Jones University Press

BJU Press’s elementary heritage studies guides students in analyzing and evaluating historical events, world cultures, and primary sources from a biblical worldview. Engaging lessons and activities develop and strengthen 21st century skills through a variety of features, including graphic organizers, reinforcement pages, biographies, map skills, and study guides. Students relate social studies to other academic disciplines through cross-curricular links, background information, and interactive visuals in ways that help them learn how to make wise decisions about their world.


Reading, and ELA  Wonders2023

Wonders empowers readers and writers to take an active role in learning and exploration, and expand their world through literacy. This evidence-based K–5 ELA program provides students with unparalleled opportunities for student-friendly self-assessments and self-expression through reading, writing, and speaking. From foundational skills to extended writing, and from establishing a strong classroom culture to setting learning goals, every student deserves high quality instruction at the right moment in their education, resulting in strong educational outcomes. By experiencing diverse perspectives and sharing their own, students will expand their learning. Differentiated instruction ensures that every student has opportunities to become strong readers, writers, and critical thinkers.


Accelerated Reader

An independent reading program that creates a culture of reading through choice. Personalized goals are set and students choose books based on their interests and reading levels. Upon reading the book, students take quizzes to earn points. 

Math Bob Jones University Press

BJU Press’s elementary math equips students to master foundational math skills through hands-on manipulatives and sequential teaching that lead students from a concrete to an abstract understanding of mathematics. This process results in deep understanding and long-term retention of mathematical reasoning. Strategic practice and review build computational fluency and prepare students for authentic learning as they connect math concepts to everyday life.


Bible Bob Jones University Press

The BJU Press elementary Bible program helps to bridge the gap between head knowledge and heart knowledge by guiding students as they study, interpret, and apply a biblical worldview. Elementary Bible builds on 147 foundational Bible truths that present the Bible as a complex yet coherent story that is relevant to all people for all time. Our sequential approach to Scripture’s story and fundamental doctrines gives students a foundational understanding of God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation and offers opportunities to practice comparing worldviews. When students know God’s Word, their hearts can change to love and worship God and, in turn, love others as themselves. When the Word of God changes students’ minds, hearts, and actions, they can live like Christ and share the truth of the gospel with others.

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