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Starting 2023-2024 school year!

I want our archers to be confident in their abilities at the shooting line but most importantly I want our archers, instructors, and bystanders to be safe! Safety is and always will be our main focus.

There are tournaments all throughout the school year starting in October with the standard NASP 80CM target and 3D target competitions. If your Archer wants to participate in both, we will make that happen. It’s also okay if your Archer only wants to participate in the final NASP competition at the end of the school year. We will talk more about this in September 2023.

PCA will purchase a NASP Competition kit that will include bows for our archers to take home during the season only. The bow will be the responsibility of the Archer and the Parent if the archer does take home the bow.

Once we start the 23-24 season with each student completing and passing the NASP safety orientation, I would recommend purchasing a field target for the back yard where they can practice at home outside of team practices.
- This link is a similar target to what we will see at 80CM competitions
At the NASP competitions we will shoot 80CM targets which means the target is 80 centimeters wide. Scoring starts at 10 (bullseye) and counts backwards for each ring with the outside ring being a score of 1. We will go thru scoring 80CM targets a few weeks into the season.

If your archer wants to go ahead and purchase a bow to start practicing this summer… Make sure they purchase a NASP Original Genesis Bow and make sure to buy the bow based off their dominant eye and NOT THEIR DOMINANT HAND - I can walk you thru on how to figure this out. Very easy.

I am excited about this opportunity for our students and look forward to our upcoming season.

Pls feel free to call or text me at (256) 698-4342 with any questions.

Thank you

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